by ChiChai@Empire

2016, 2016, 2016. Hopefully it’s not like Beetlejuice and pops out after calling its name three times.

It was a tough year. In 2016, human rights were tested, many lives were lost, hate elicited violence countless of times, and fear and lack of understanding seemed to take over.

As I said, 2016 was a tough year. But, like the earth, we continued to push on with hopes of making our annual lap around the sun.  With all of 2016’s hardships– international, national, local, and even personal– the Empire Team pushed on with one goal in mind: to continue inspiring and supporting others’ Empires, regardless of the tough times we were in.

The Empire Team put together a list of our 2016 highlights and, damn, y’all kept us sane. Looking back at the year and seeing what we’ve shared with you and the moments you partook with us, I can confidently say there was good.

Here are our favorite moments & products of 2016:

Flavors K – Seoul, Korea
We international, baby! We began a relationship with the Korean streetwear network Flavors K who seeks to “intermix the global underground street culture.” If you’re in Seoul, you can be a part of the Empire-building movement!

We created a collaborative tee with Flavors K to commemorate the partnership. You can check it out here (btw, it’s part of our #HELLABIGSALE)


Them Dad Hatz
The first and last time we dropped caps were in 2014. When we dropped new ones in January, they became one of our fastest selling items! Thank you to everyone who wanted to get their heads in the clouds with us and our Cloud Logo.

We also concluded the year with even more caps! This time with the  message of making waves.


Get yours here

Growth — the  Event (San Francisco) and the Collection
Nearly everyone on the Empire Team is hella SF Bay– born and raised– so of course we had to come out with an event and collection dedicated to our awe-inspiring home.

The products included Bay Area monuments, BART, and Bay Area flowers. Shop here!


Growth Lookbook4Growth Lookbook9Growth Lookbook13

We loved the event Growth: A Dedication to the Bay Area so much that its going to get its own blog post. Stay tuned!

Postcard Sizes3

FAME – San Jose

FAME is an annual SJ event of urban artisans– from dancers to designers. What we love about FAME is that it gives us an opportunity to build a pop-up shop that we can welcome people in.

One of our newest members, Mia@Empire, noted that FAME was her favorite EITA moment because it was her first time attending  as a part of the team.


Our favorite part of this particular FAME was Ray@Empire’s video recap which not only showed off dancing dancing skills but also featured several people writing what their Empire[s] in the Air are

EITA 5k for My New Red Shoes – Berkeley
We hosted our very first 5k last September (wooh! Sam@Empire!) and we had a great turnout for the debut.


About 30 runners joined us in Berkeley and more than a dozen other runners joined us digitally!

4th Annual Can You Kick it for PEARLS? Kickball Tournament – Daly City
The teams of our 3rd kickball tournament allowed us to sponsor 9 Project PEARLS kids to go to school! The 4th kickball tournament let us continue that sponsorship.

Some of the students wrote us thank you letters for giving them the opportunity to go to school

Can’t wait to see you all on the field for our FIFTH! kickball tournament in August!

That’s a wrap!

We hope you all enjoyed the events and products that we put out in 2016! As Jelyn@Empire put it, “I honestly can’t pick my favorite product because they’re all precious to me.”

On behalf of the team, we would like to thank all of you for being part of our year. Your support is our greatest success.

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