The Sea, Green, and Jollibee

– ChiChai@Empire –

My mom and I arrived in Manila from Dubai on a Saturday morning then hopped on a bus that same evening to go to Camarines Norte (read about our UAE trip here.) Camarines Norte is a province in Bicol that’s almost completely surrounded by water and covered with farmland. And, because it rains about 200 out of the 365 days a year, Camarines Norte defines lushness.

Why Camarines Norte? Project PEARLS had a special field trip steer-headed by Cassie and her Bag of Dreams! This superhuman of a teenager fundraises to provide and deliver school supplies to children in remote coastal areas in the Philippines (read more about Cassie here.) In partnership with Aklatan sa Kostal– who hosted us as well!– we were able to bring backpacks filled with school supplies to nearly 500 children!

Photo by Mailou, Cassie’s mom!

We kicked off the distribution event with fun and games for the kids


On top of games, we had some K-Pop grooves going on led by Cassie herself

Taken withi Fuji instax90

We even had a special guest: Jollibee!


Before and after the distribution, Aklatan sa Kostal treated us to delicious local foods including these coconuts freshly cut straight from the tree. How delicious farm-to-table food is comparable to anything else. Mmm. Thank you Aklatan sa Kostal!


Aklatan sa Kostal spoiled us with its scenery as well.


A wide variety of flowers thrived in the neighborhood. They’re so gorgeous, I had to play with some by taking a few double exposures with my instax90. Can you spot Monica, my momma, and Karen?


We concluded Cassie’s Bags of Dreams with the coast of Camarines Norte. The waves washed up on shore far and wide, making the sand reflective of the sky’s colorful sunset.

The Project PEARLS team and I, of course had fun with the reflections by having a lil’ photoshoot


Congratulations to our fearless leader for a successful Project PEARLS day!

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  1. Sol Arquiza says:

    In behalf of our family and the kids of Aklatan sa Kostal, I would like to thank the Project Pearls Team for choosing our small town for tbe outreach. Dios mabalos ( God will repay)!

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