Mile5tone – EITA Team Highlight: Raymond

To celebrate our 5 years in the game, we are throwing an anniversary party and we want you to be a part of it! For the past 5 years, Empire in the Air has taken part of the Bay Area community through its clothing and events. We strongly believe that we’ve made it thus far because of the love from our supporters. Mile5tone, our 5 year anniversary party, will take place on June 3 in Berkeley, CA. Save the date and purchase your tickets here!

Leading up to June 3, we will be highlighting our vendors and different members of the Empire in the Air team. Next up we have Raymond@empire

What do you do for Empire in the Air?

Hey, what’s up, and hello everyone! For those who do not know me, my name is Raymond but everyone on the team calls me Ray.


Currently I am the Visual Producer for the team. As the visual producer for the team, I am in charge of creating visual content for our marketing team. That means I am the in-house photographer for any events we create or get invited to. I am also the one creating most of the video content that we release. From recap videos to our seasonal video lookbooks for all our new collections. I try my best to create quality content for us, and some say my videos are “10/10.”

Here is one of my favorite video lookbooks that I’ve created!

I also just recently became in charged of the #MyEmpireInTheAir blog series, where I try to scout and interview talented individuals who continuously follow their own “Empire.”

What is your favorite moment working with Empire in the Air?

My favorite moments working with Empire in the Air honestly has to be just being in the same vicinity with everyone on the team and the friends who continuously support the brand! Since a lot of us are located all around the Bay Area, it is honestly always fun seeing everyone again when we come together during meetings and events!

I also can’t forget about our trip to the Philippines for Art of US! That was just a journey of great vibes, great memories, and great opportunities! If you haven’t already, you should definitely watch my first ever documentary that I shot and produced for the trip!

What is your favorite Empire piece?


But honestly one of my favorite Empire piece has to be our multi-colored tag-logo crew neck. It was released back in the spring of 2014 during our “Urban Young Professional” collection. Every time I wear this piece, hella people ask me if it is a new collection or if we have any more on stock. It is definitely a throwback.

Catch our friends Gabe Dayrit and Jolo Cabrera rocking the crewneck in this throwback video!

Why are you excited for Mile5tone?

I’m excited for Mile5tone because of the fact that it has already been 5 years since Francesca did a whole fresh start with the brand. As well as the fact that we all put in sooooooo much work in the past five years, and we have definitely come so far!! We as a team and y’all as our supporters brought us as a brand to where we are now, and I believe this event is well deserved. I honestly can’t wait to celebrate this milestone with everyone!

What do you wish to see for Empire in the Air the next 5 years?

Honestly, us as team definitely can come to an agreement that we all want to see Empire having it’s own space. Empire is sooo much more than just a clothing brand, and to be able to have it’s own space where both team members and supporters can come together and share our own stories would exactly be what “Empire in the Air” strives to push for. Being able to reach past the clouds, achieving your dreams, and inspiring others! So I definitely wish to see Empire in the Air having it’s own space, for sure!


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