Mile5tone Vendors: Post Signature

To celebrate our 5 years in the game, we are throwing an anniversary party and we want you to be a part of it! For the past 5 years, Empire in the Air has taken part of the Bay Area community through its clothing and events. We strongly believe that we’ve made it thus far because of the love from our supporters.

Mile5tone will include art, fashion, AND food vendors! We’re going to be highlighting the different vendors and the Empire Team to get you hyped for Mile5tone.

Up next is a Post Signature

Post Signature signifies self empowerment. It’s ideals are a paradigm that one is able to achieve their full potential by having a mindset that their decisions and actions will promote positivity and prosperity within themselves and everyone around them. The “X” is not just a letter, but is also symbolism. It’s location is near the heart to show that a person must “sign” to give consent and believe that they are able to achieve their fullest spiritual and mental growth as a human being.
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Come through on June 3rd for Mile5tone to check out Post Signature and our other vendors!

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