Mile5tone – EITA Team Highlight: Sam

To celebrate our 5 years in the game, we are throwing an anniversary party and we want you to be a part of it! For the past 5 years, Empire in the Air has taken part of the Bay Area community through its clothing and events. We strongly believe that we’ve made it thus far because of the love from our supporters. Mile5tone, our 5 year anniversary party, will take place on June 3 in Berkeley, CA. Save the date and purchase your tickets here!

Leading up to June 3, we will be highlighting our vendors and different members of the Empire in the Air team. Next up we have Sam@Empire!

What do you do for Empire in the Air? 

I met Francesca our 2nd year at SJSU in a bathroom during our PCN hell week. Between then and the end of that school year, she had asked me to do a shoot for her early release of the ‘Rocketeer’ Tee and we bonded so naturally. I started joining her for video shoots and helping with our pop up shops ever since.

from 2011

The title I carry with EITA is Public Relations and Event Planning. I assist with our pop up events, like this coming Mile5tone event, the Empire 5k, and am a writer for the RUNderlust blog.

What is your favorite moment working with Empire in the Air?

It brings me joy every time we go to a pop up event and find a connection to our audience! I love when both new and long time followers find their connection to the message of what EITA stands for but even having small talk about knowing we grew from our SJSU community. We love seeing your faces! Keep saying hello!!

Make sure to tag us #styleintheair and #myempireintheair so we can find you on Instagram!!

What is your favorite empire piece?

THIS IS SO HARD! Other than the og Tag Tee, which is a staple, I think I’ve work my Bridge hoodie the most. I love it because 1. ChiChai’ artwork 2. Bay Area Representation 3. I ended up cropping it so it looks fuego. I really hope we could bring the design back in print or a shirt someday!

Why are you excited for Mile5stone?

Mile5tone is our way of giving back to you! Over the last 5 years, we’ve met so many creatives, and amazing people that have their own Empires to share. This is a celebration of what we’ve accomplished and what’s yet to come! I’m super excited to see this family all in one place!

What do you wish to see for Empire in the Air in the next 5 years? 

Obviously, we want our own shop somewhere in the Bay Area to call our own. But I want the brand to be able to host all these workshops we host, open mics, art classes, panels, and I want people to recognize our name! Also, it might not hurt to be a meeting place for future Run Clubs too 😉


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