Simple Skin

by anngail@empire

Keeping my skin clear has always been a huge struggle. I never knew how important keeping my skin happy and clean until I saw how great of an impact the look of your makeup is with a hydrated and smoother slate! It took a long trial and error process, however, when I found the perfect combination of products and learned what my skin type needed–the results were magical!

I am in no way a dermatologist or skincare professional, I am sharing my advice through my own experience and personal research. There are hundreds of ways to curate your own skin routine and here is mine!


Step 1: Remove makeup
I love using Kirkland brand makeup removing wipes on lazy days and Clinique take off the day cleansing milk when I want a deeper clean.

Step 2: Cleanse
Currently, I am playing around with different cleansers that help oil control, CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser, as well as gentle water based cleansers like Cetaphil. It is extremely important to pick cleansers that leave your skin feeling fresh and clean–not products that make you feel so clean that your pores feel tight. That means your cleanser may be too harsh and/or drying. I always give myself 2-3 weeks to see impact or change when trying out new products.

Step 3: Toner 
Remove any left over makeup that wasn’t taken off in the previous two steps and prepare your pores and skin for moisturizer! I’m new to the toner family and I used to think it was unnecessary but once I found Ole Henrikson’s Balancing Force Oil Control Toner, it changed the game!! Remember to listen to what your skin needs and as you can tell–I have oily skin 🙂

Step 4: Hydrate
Moisturize your skin! Makeup application can be heavily affected if your skin is not moisturized correctly. Lack of hydration can cause dry patches and even more oil build up by your skin. In this step you can also incorporate serums and any SPF products for sun protection.

Step 5: Prime
I consider applying a face primer part of my skin routine because in today’s industry there are primers that add multiple benefits other than providing extended wear to your makeup; aka brightening, smoothing, pore filling, anti-blemish benefits and more. Find what primer can make your skin feel and look the greatest it can be. My current favorite primer is Urban Decay Urban Defense Complexion Primer with SPF 30. Don’t be afraid to use multiple primers on different areas of the face!

I hope you have learned something new and are excited about creating your own skin routine that you will enjoy on a daily basis! Our skin is our number one foundation in makeup and its always important to keep it simple and happy!


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