Mile5tone – EITA Team Highlight: ChiChai

To celebrate our 5 years in the game, we are throwing an anniversary party and we want you to be a part of it! For the past 5 years, Empire in the Air has taken part of the Bay Area community through its clothing and events. We strongly believe that we’ve made it thus far because of the love from our supporters. Mile5tone, our 5 year anniversary party, will take place on June 3 in Berkeley, CA. Save the date and purchase your tickets here!

Leading up to June 3, we will be highlighting our vendors and different members of the Empire in the Air team. To kick off introducing who’s behind Empire in the Air, we have ChiChai@Empire.

What do you do for Empire in the Air?

Hi! I am ChiChai, otherwise known as Francesca. I am the founder and art director of Empire in the Air.

I like to consider myself as the glue to all that is Empire in the Air. I overlook every aspect — from content to designs, marketing to event-planning — I am involved in it all. More importantly, I do my best in providing support to each person on the team and making sure we’re doing our best for the brand and its supporters.

What is your favorite moment working with Empire in the Air?

THIS IS A HARD QUESTION! I have too many favorite moments. I guess what I can say about all of my favorite moments of Empire in the Air are that they involve a sense of community and highlight other people’s passions. For instance, our art show “Growth: A Dedication to the Bay Area,” gave a platform to artists all over the Bay to share their work:

Even my favorite internal Empire moments include the sharing of passions. One example of this would be the last Empire Team retreat. Each person dove deep into why they are part of the team and that rejuvenated my hopes for how far we’ll go.

What is your favorite Empire piece?

Ugh. Still a hard question. I’m going to answer two. Is that cheating? Oh well lol.

1.  The “She is King” tank top. Did you know that this is the first product we ever sold out of in less than a couple of weeks? This design means the world to me because it is from the first time we made a collection dedicated to womxn.

2. The Rocketeer Bomber Jacket. HELLA work went into that jacket and everything about is what Empire in the Air stands for.

Why are you excited for Mile5tone?

The fact that we are celebrating our fifth year in the game! It’s been a long journey and I’m incredibly proud of what’s led us to be where we are today. I can’t wait to celebrate all of that with our supporters!

What do you wish to see for Empire in the Air the next 5 years?

I really really want us to have our own space. We pride ourselves in being all about supporting others in building their Empires. Imagine if we had a shop to host our own events in which your art was shared? Plus, we super value opportunities to sell our product // tell our story in person. Having our own shop would give us that opportunity.

Purchase tickets here Facebook Event Page
*** Pre-sale ends on Friday, May 25 ***

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