The Motivators


A key tip for success is surrounding yourself with like minded motivated people. Often times we can control our environment and if you find your environment pulling you away from your fitness goals…remember YOU have the power to change.

“Surround Yourself With the Right People”

During the beginning stages of my serious fitness lifestyle I really took that quote to heart. So Simple yet STRONG. When I think STRONG, not only do I think physically but more so mentally. One of the few people that suits this description is a long-time homie, Aaron Manuta. An ALL natural athlete that defines STRENGTH and POSITIVITY. A TRUE MOTIVATOR. Long story short, Aye-aron and I knew each other since high school and we have that type of relationship where we can joke about anything.. LOL (FLYGUYZ) Moving forward… Once confidence kicked in, I started to post workout videos on social media. As a true homie, Aaron slid through the DMs.. Jokingly we talked about working out together.. In seriousness, “LET ME TRAIN YOU” -Aaron.. Now when you look at his IG.. He looks intimidating AF… As an athlete you always want the challenge. Did I mentioned.. He’s a Cross-fitter!? LOL Don’t let the short cakes fool you. Now a lot of people have mixed reviews on this sport but I knew I was in good hands. Aaron pretty much opened my eyes to OLYMPIC LIFTING.. My first session was DEATH.. I almost passed out. I felt muscle groups I’ve never felt.. Pretty much I was challenged and winded. Next day, not only was I sore but I was inspired. Coach Aaron isn’t just strong.. He’s truly a life motivator. Fitness isn’t just barbells and great physique.. It’s about a positive attitude and whatever challenge arises YOU accept it and conquer in your OWN way.  You give every task your ALL or what Aaron likes to say FULL SEND -_-

photo: caffeine and kilos media @jace.angelo
The Manuta’s Home Gym 

With great mentality and determination some friends definitely noticed my change. Charlene and Ray@Empire to name a few reached for guidance. I was blessed to have great friends who were willing to learn the lifestyle I’m obsessed with. It’s been two years and they’re still going STRONG.

Favorite Workout: Lat Pulls (back) -charlene
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“Working out with a group definitely helped push me out of my comfort zone to the point where I’m able to workout alone and not feel intimidated by others but instead hopefully inspire them” -Charlene Estolas  
motivators 3
My motivation was to be able to fit back into my old clothes but once I was able to finally fit comfortably in some old clothes, my motivation change to just staying fit and happy. -Ray@empire
 “Working out with a group helped me stay motivated because watching my peers hit PRs (personal record) on whatever exercise fueled my confidence. I suck at making my own workout routines , so having a coach helped me understand what workouts I can use whenever I workout by myself” -Ray@Empire 

So remember,

Surrounding yourself with positive people who challenge you to do better can make your experience more enjoyable and successful.  Theses people definitely motivated me. They made my fit lifestyle fun and enjoyable. I honestly love my workouts because theses people.

Ray and Char 🙂 

In that being said, I would love to announce and challenge you to a FREE WORKOUT MEET UP in the month of May.  Workouts are designed to kick butt and why not work out with positive people.. Place: Somewhere in San Jose, CA Date: MAY?? 2018 Time:TBA Keep on the look out yall.

Til Next Time Fwends.



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