Monstera Duo

– by ChiChai@Empire –

I loved painting Vans and Chucks in high school. They’re literally blank canvases on your feet! Why not? (I wish I could find photos for you of my old shoes but I’d have to dig hella deep in photobucket lol)

High school ended nearly a decade ago for me and I haven’t painted shoes since. Years later, I noticed canvas shoes began regaining popularity again. With the canvas shoes’ comeback, I wanted to have my painted-shoes to come back too. But, to test out the waters, I bought some “Vans” to warm up. The quotations are here to represent that they’re from Greenhills… I mall in Metro Manila known for knock-offs. Don’t judge, they did the job.

The idea for the design came from a doodling session during breakfast. I was simply wondering if I could draw monstera leaves– the plant hype of 2017— and this lady was the outcome.

To begin painting on the shoes, I first took off the shoelaces then sketched out designs on all sides of the shoes.

I used acrylic paint and alcohol-based markers and voilà!

For these Vans’ first completed outing, Chris and I had a lil photoshoot with them.

More painted shoes to come in this new year!

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