Gratitude for 2017

– by ChiChai@Empire –

With 2017 wrapping up and 2018 approaching us , I asked the Empire Team to reflect on their 2017 goals, our past year as a team, and their goals for next year. One specific question I asked each team member is “What about Empire in the Air are you thankful for this year?” Here are some of their answers:

Working with teammates who are my friends and supportive

Thankful for a team that is full of creative, weird and inspiring individuals

Giving me opportunities to stay creative // Thankful for an outlet to expand my creative talents

The products have been lit this whole year!

Being able to inspire more people to pursue their passion

Helping not only local communities…

but communities in the Philippines

What I’m grateful for is that while we aim for Empire in the Air to be for you and to inspire you,  we’re able to become our best creative-selves and active in the Bay Area community.

We look forward to continue building this Empire in the Air with you.

DISCLAIMER: Although we use thanksgiving as a day of gratitude, Empire in the Air does not support the whitewashing & sugarcoating of Thanksgiving’s origins. Empire in the Air recognizes that Thanksgiving is a Day of Mourning for Native Americans due to the genocide inflicted by colonizers. we ask that you, our supporters,  take the time to learn about indigenous peoples and how we can be better neighbors considering we live on their land.

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