Inktober and Outfits and More

By ChiChai@Empire

If you were to open up any of my notebooks in high school, you would find hella doodles. Doodles were in the margins, the covers, and even in the center of the notes itself. These doodles would range from caricatures of teachers to monsters. My favorite among the notebook-doodles were the ones in my planners. In my planners, I drew chibi version of myself with each day’s outfit.

I began bullet-journaling earlier this year and I decided to revive an old doodling habit! There are no more doodles of teachers and monsters, but, my OOTD are back! To force myself to be consistent, I drew my OOTD for each day of October as my “Inktober.” You’ll find most of my Inktober days here and closeups of my favorites.

To be honest, as an October baby, I made extra effort and was feelin myself majority of the month 😂 It doesn’t help that the first days of October was my birthday weekend, too. Heyyyyyyy *hair flip*

October 1 -2

October 3-4

On the left, I loved piecing my Kultura dress from the Philippines with a thrifted suede Bollman hat. The denim jacket also gave the tribal dress a nice casual and modern touch. *wooh birthday outfit*

On the right, I just drew me wearing a sign that said “pang bahay.” For those unfamiliar with the Tagalog phrase, I wore clothes “for home.” Aka, I was probably in sweats or bball shorts those couple of days. I work remotely and I’m pretty sure those two days I was cooped up working at home (and recovering from birthday celebrations.)

10/6 – 10/8

One of the reasons I enjoy doodling my OOTD is that it helps me remember what happened on those days. For instance, I remember having to dress up warm because I had choir practice in South San Francisco for my homies’ wedding. Then, the day after, I got dolled up for the wedding itself.  As for 10/8, I made sure to rep Empire because we had a photoshoot that day. I’m suddenly realizing how busy that weekend was…

10/13 – 10/21

You can see in these pages that my style of drawing alters here and there. The reasoning varies between wanting to experiment and mood. Some days I’m taking my time whereas I’m rushing through it on other days.

The  Empire Team voted for me to model our hoodies *roll eyes.* Okay, okay. In all honesty, I’m on a journey called self-love and this was a push I needed. Plus, I had extra fun drawing the photoshoot outfits out.


I spent majority of last week photographing Pow! Wow! San Jose! You can see part 1 of my blog posts here.
As a challenge, Sam@Empire and Chris@Empire said I should wear Empire everyday. I only missed 2 days and that’s because 1) I was dressed as a circus ringmaster for a Halloween party and 2) I had a job interview. I had fun experimenting with new ways to dress up my Empire clothes. However, there are no pics! Did these outfits really happen or nah?

In case you wanted to see both Chris@Empire and I for the Halloween celebration. I’m proud to say we used household items and I only spent money on glittery makeup lol.
(Oops! I forgot to draw my shoulder pads and bowtie)

Back to normal outfits…

Each day I photographed Pow! Wow! San Jose!, I wore my Santan Satchel by Vela Manila. It’s small but roomie enough to fit my camera, an extra lens and battery, and my other essentials (i.e. wallet and phone.)

Here’s a product shot of the satchel from Vela Manila’s Instagram:


Rather than concluding Inktober with an OOTD, I wanted to make a special Halloween post for our supporters. This is how the beginning process looked like of our Stranger Things inspired poster.

And, voila! The final day of October:


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