Halloween DIY x Empire in the Air

– by ChiChai@Empire & Sam@Empire –

Sam and I are both arts&crafts lovers so easily Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. We decided to bring you a costume DIY!

But… what costumes did we make? Well, you know how many of our designs have illustrations? We decided to bring three Empire in the Air designs to life!

The designs are from: 1) theShe is King tank , 2) Welcome to tee and 3) Making Waves tote

For all three looks, we used the following material:

  • an olive beanie
  • assortment of green pipe cleaners
  • two shades of green felt
  • red feathers
  • scissors
  • sharpie
  • hot glue gun

Here is a stencil you can print out for the leaves!

She is King

  1. Use the pipe cleaners to create a headband
  2. Use pipe-cleaners to make three stems. Half of each pipe-cleaner should be used to wrap the red feathers to keep them in place. I used about four to five feathers for each stem.
  3. Glue leaves along your head band. Also glue the stems to the back of the leaves in order to create more support for it to stand.

I made sure to have extra bold eye-liner on with a mauve lipstick to match the postcard version of She is King. To make my hair go towards the middle,  I loosely tied my hair an inch above the tips.

Bonus for the make-up portion!

Ann@Empire not only had bold eye-liner and a mauve lipstick, but she also exaggerated her eye crease and gave her eyebrows a fuller look– just like the illustration!

Welcome to

Rather than using a headband, grab a green/olive beanie to be your mountain top!

Attach an assortment of leaves around the bottom of your beanie. If you don’t want to use glue, tape or safety pins work for this look!

As for hair and make-up, Sam lightly curled her hair for “beach waves” and added eye-liner and a green lipgloss.

OPTIONAL:  Use doggy buddy as another one of your mountains

Making Waves

Repeat steps 1 + 3 from She is King. For this one, you’re going to want to stick to one color for the leaves but use all three sizes! Big ones in the front to small ones in the back.

We hope you enjoyed the three looks! Let us know if you’d like to see more DIY’s like this


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