Chemical X

– by ChiChai@Empire –
photos by Chris@Empire and ChiChai@Empire

Curated by Meaghan Alfonso, women artists came together for the art show Chemical X  on Saturday, October 21. I was honored to be part of the list of talented creatives.

Because portions of the proceeds went to Save the Fox, I decided to go for a fox theme. Save the Fox rescues foxes from fur farms. I wanted my pieces to convey a safe haven for the furry creatures in which Mother Earth provided them guidance and refuge.nMy inspirations included red foxes and arctic foxes.

I took Chemical X as an opportunity to challenge myself.  For one, I rarely draw backgrounds. I painted two backgrounds for this collection! One of them included a night sky in the arctic…

… Another included a  green forest that contrasted with a red fox.

I  also challenged myself to go three-dimensional with my pieces. I took a plain fox toy I had from Manila (circa 2008?) and turned it into a copper fox that was growing its own little forest. Huge shout-out to Shelf from Castro Valley for helping me put the succulents together for it!

To make everything cohesive, I spray-painted my frames to match the fox. All in all, the copper’s red-orange hues matched nicely with the red fox paintings.

Here are the final products:

Now for show day!

Ah! My favorite part about the show was how much the artist selection varied. We all had our own original and distinct styles, making Chemical X a fun and colorful event.

Here are some photos Chris took from the show:

A huge thank you to Meaghan for letting me be part of the show! I’m happy to have shared wall space with @deb @littlehoneyvee@lidiasantiagoart @talidem @misacat_@thosedonuts @vavimami and @meaggymegs!

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