Restock of Fresh Light & Upcycled Denim Jackets and BTS

– by ChiChai@Empire –

We are officially restocking Fresh Light blouses and Upcycled Denim Jackets at noon (PST!)

When we first released our upcycled products, quite frankly, I was nervous. I wasn’t sure how our supporters would react. The reaction was better than we could’ve hoped for!

Repurposed Denim Jackets from Spring 2017 collection Good New Days
Fresh Light blouses from Summer 2017 collection Good New Days

Because both products were sold out pretty quickly, we’re bringing them back with even more color variations and sizes. So fellas who told us there weren’t any Fresh Light in your size, we made sure to thrift button-ups just for you!

Yesterday, we had a photo-shoot to celebrate the return of these fan-favorites. Here are some teaser BTS shots:

Irrelevant but can we appreciate Ray@Empire with the sun rays?

To conclude another successful shoot, we had an after party at… In-N-Out. Mm. #feedthemodels

We’re excited for what else we have in store for you this month!

For more frequent updates, follow us on our social media:


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