Goods for the Girl

– by ChiChai@Empire –
photos by Ray@Empire

The vibes, the energy, the support for womyn artists — Saturday night felt like a dream! Goods for the Girl came and conquered.

Led by our very own event-coordinator Sam@Empire and in collaboration with #thegoodssf , we created the Goods for the Girl.
The Goods is a monthly night market at @111minnagallery created by Little Honey Vee and Boogie Events Co. For 9/16, we teamed up with them to create an evening that highlights local womyn artists, crafters, and designers.

The night’s vendors included:




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Minna Gallery, Black Sheep Made

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@concreterunners and @artiffact


And us, of course!

Not only did we have a variety of vendors, womyn musicians conducted a fun and hyphy atmosphere for the entire evening

We got the DJs:

Style Free

and Genevieve

And live performances by Lorraine La Flame

and D.Hills who released her brand new EP!

Speaking of live performances, we invited @beatriceursula to do some live art!

There was so much talent and support for these womyn makers at the Goods for the Girls– it felt unreal!

Putting together an all-womyn bazaar has been a dream of mine and Sam@Empire’s. We were inspired by Ladies First— a group of womyn in LA who puts together events for womyn empowerment. (You can peep my recap from the first Ladies First event I attended here.) As Sam put it, they were able to feature a variety of “lady bosses” and she wanted to create a platform for “women doing their thang” too.

Sam curated the vendor selection by collaborating with people we’ve networked with over the years as well as people she has “IG stalked.” (lol uh her way of saying admire) This was her favorite part of creating The Goods for the Girls!

When I asked Sam to describe her favorite part of The Goods for the Girl, she replied

Networking with all the vendors and seeing how their interaction with all the guests made my night. For some, this may have been out of their comfort zone since this was a new experience for them but they were digging the atmosphere!

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