Goods for the Girl: @CAS5ANDRA

To all our ladies! We got a special event planned for YOU! In collaboration with #thegoodssf , we present to you “Goods for the Girl.”

The Goods is a monthly night market at @111minnagallery. For 9/16, we are teaming up with them to create an evening that highlights local womyn artists, crafters, and designers.

Everyday until the day of the event, we are going to highlight the makers of The Goods for the Girl!

Today we have Cas5andra!

This brand is heavily influenced by her childhood and San Francisco. @Cas5andrawants her art and her crafts to mend the two together, and display her love for the nostalgic and the beautiful city she grew up in. She is fortunate enough to have two younger siblings who inspire her to be a kid at heart, and she hopes that her work will inspire you to do the same. Cassandra would like to dedicate her brand to her younger siblings, Ryan and Casleila Tran

Email @boogieeventsco at to put you and your friends on the guest list. We hope to see you there!

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