Seoul City

– by ChiChai@Empire –
photos by Ray and ChiChai

After a year of planning and two weeks of executing, Aiko, Ray, and I decided to take a mini vacation after Art of Us.

Where to? The beautiful Seoul! My mom and step dad recently moved to Seoul so we thought our mini vacation could be a nice visit to my parents as well!

Since the last half dozen blog posts or so have been content heavy, I’m going to keep the narrative short and let the photos speak louder for our visit to Seoul City.

As Chris@Empire and I discovered during our first visit, this city embraced Aiko, Ray and I with its clean streets and welcoming people.

Aiko with her Flavors K bag in the Starfield Coex Mall

The library inside Starfield Coex Mall

Photo by Ray@Empire
Photo by Ray@Empire
Photo by Ray@Empire

Korean Dessert Cafe — known for its sulbing (shaved ice) we ordered a ginormous honeydew filled with shaved ice + brick toast.

Night Markets

Photo by Ray@Empire
Photo by Ray@Empire

Pho Bay (as if I wasn’t missing Chris like crazy at this point of the trip lol)

From cutesy shops to hype

Peach Gray Cafe

Okay. I have to talk about this stop real quick. This charming cafe serves its drinks on trays with watercolor palettes, water brushes, and watercolor paper. Its guests get to relax with their refreshments while painting.

Top left to right: My mother’s, Aiko’s, mine, and Ray’s

Views from the subway

Photo by Ray@Empire

Photo by Ray@Empire

Until next time, Seoul!

Thank you to my mom and Clif for the hospitality!

And, last but not least, happy belated and thank you for another warm welcoming to our number 1 homie and Empire in the Air supporter in Seoul: Daniel!

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