Beyond “Art of Us” pt. II: Medical Mission in Zambales

– written by ChiChai@Empire –
photos by Ray@Empire and Sidney Snoeck (with PEARLS logo)

Some of you may have heard of our project Art of Us in which we collaborated with The Company to create a  dance summit for Project PEARLS. (click here to learn more)

Along with succeeding our mission to bring dance to the kids of Helping Land in Tondo, Manila, we also participated in other volunteer events at two more Project PEARLS communities in Bulacan and Zambales. (learn about our trip to Bulacan here)

What brought us to Zambales?

The Lakas Tribe!

The Lakas Tribe is a tribe of aetas who were displaced from Mount Pinatubo’s volcanic eruption in the 90’s. Rising from destruction, they built anew and continue fighting for cultural preservation.  PEARLS works with the community leaders to assure they continue thriving.

On August 17, sponsored by Valenzuela Medical Center and Christine Mojica,  Project PEARLS hosted a Medical and Dental mission in which we gave check-ups to the community members.

We began this day’s mission with a dance exchange! Lakas showed us their traditional dance moves…

Mel, Jolo, KJ, and Aiko shared with them theirs

Next thing you know, the Project PEARLS team went to business.
In other words, our very own Aiko, KJ, and our homegirl/PEARLS volunteer Mae Mae became doctors for the day.

We had a full roster of volunteer dentists but only one medical doctor volunteer. Lucky for us, Aiko is a nursing student, Mae Mae is a med student, and KJ is a physical therapist in-training who has volunteered for medical missions before.

Too good to be a coincidence, right? Look at these doctors go!

What another successful Project PEARLS day ❤


For anyone wondering what Jolo, Mel, and I were doing while our friends were doctors and Ray was photographing…

We were passing out cereal donations, thank you lol

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