FAME 2017 Recap

– by Rizzabel@Empire –

With over 100 local artists and exhibitors around the bay, FAME continues to capture the essence of Fashion, Art, Music, and Entertainment (also hella good food, shout out to that bomb pork bánh mì ayeee LOL) right here in San Jose. This being my first experience at FAME, and Empire’s 4th year here, was truly one of the best events in the area that I have been to so far!

Working with our previous set up from last year, we decided to have it “tie” in with our new collection :). Shoutouts to Sam, Ray, Aiko, Francesca, and Chris for setting everything up and especially Sam for coming up with our layout this year and making it look hella aesthetic!

Our vending spot also worked well in our favor as we were one of the first of many booths people would see as they entered in, shout outs to Aiko and Kevin for keeping up the energy and bringing in some people with their dope free styling! With the release of our new summer line, the Good New Days, it was also great to see reactions about our cute little characters on our “Do-Good” tees, and our mini character cards were also a hit!

Throughout the day I saw new and old faces and it was great to capture these moments and catch up and tell people what we’re all about. Our chains of empires grew beautifully throughout the event and I loved reading them all!

With that said, thank you to all who stopped by to share and tape up their empires with us! Felt nothin, but support and good vibes! And thank you Empire for including me at my first FAME!




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