Channel 90 Playlist

by, Mia@Empire

July is here and that means a new playlist has arrived! I have decided to dedicate this playlist to the era that inspires Empire’s upcoming collection 😉 Let’s just say that we’re channeling the 90s.

Like many of my past playlists, the title of July’s playlist is a play on words. Much of my time as a kid in the 90s was spent in front of a television and flipping back and forth between all the cartoon channels. The second meaning of the name plays off the idea of the act of channeling the 90s.

Thus, the music in the playlist feature familiar sounds from TV shows and modern twist on iconic 90s songs. Some of the songs can sound hypnotic in a dream-like sense that may have you channeling your inner 90s self. Listen to July’s “Channel 90” playlist  below and stay tuned for what’s to come for Empire! :B

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