Ray’s Backyard Series #2

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

-by Raymond@Empire-

Hello world, it has been too long since I posted my first blog about my adventures. Been busy with work, small projects, and honestly it was also hard for me to find the motivation to just even explore my very own backyard of downtown San Jose. But I’m back and I have some cool content.



So a couple weeks ago, ate Francesca asked me if I wanted to accompany her and her best friend from the Philippines in a day trip to Yosemite. I obviously said yes, and when May 16 came by, we were all on the road, heading to Yosemite.

It was honestly really fun to come back to Yosemite, since the last time I went was during the “Hello World” collection photoshoot.

Sadly, I was unable to take a lot of pictures during this trip because I was more focused on creating a video for the trip, so I only really have a couple of pictures of ate Francesca, the featured photo, and my hydroflask…



Like I said earlier, I really just wanted focused on recording most of the trip so here his what I created. Mind you, I’ve been inspired by photographer and filmmaker, Jesse Driftwood (@jessedriftwood), who creates crazy-fun Instagram stories. And what I learned from him is that he creates content for the platform. So what he does is that he shoots and edits his video with a 9×16 format, which means he points his camera vertically. You can actually watch his little “how-to video” here.

But yeah, I wasn’t planning to really post my IG story video anywhere but on my own IG-story, buttttt here’s what I have created. Also, bear with me because this was my first time creating an “IG-story video.”

*Disclaimer: For best results, watch video on your phone!*

Also be on the look out for my Portland/Seattle blog coming soon!!

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