Our last days in Vietnam: Hanoi and Ha Long Bay

– by ChiChai@Empire –

I actually began mine and Chris@Empire’s Asia trip with a fever. It eventually dwindled down to a runny nose and coughs, but, fighting for energy to keep up with our tours was no easy task. I’m skipping days 6-8 in Vietnam for the blog because… well… the sickness caught up to me and I didn’t take much photos. (Also, I was barely awake for most of it.)

To put our days 6-8 activities in a nutshell: we walked (a lot) around Nguyen Dynasty’s remnants in Hue and also walked (even more) into Thiên Đường Cave.

Note to other travelers: make time to TAKE A BREAK! *cue chorus of Take a Break from Hamilton*

For our 8th to 10th day in Vietnam — aka our last few days in Vietnam– Chris and I continued our south-to-north journey and made it to Hanoi and Ha Long Bay. Days 8-10 had the perfect amount of rejuvenating relaxation. We were agenda-less.

Our one full day in Hanoi had us walking more, however, at our own easy breezy pace.

by Chris@Empire

We crossed Vietnam’s streets without panicking, people-watched, and drank coffee from local cafes.

by Chris@Empire

One of the cafes we went to was “The Note,” a cafe that certainly earned its name. Post-it notes nearly cover anything possible. Being able to read notes from locals and travelers from all over the world added to the cafe’s charm.

Not to mention that every table provides various colors of post-it notes and markers. The hospitable staff even left a love note on my coconut coffee–mm!

Christopher and I went deeper into bliss the following day. We left Hanoi to spend a night in Ha Long Bay

Thousands of limestone islands peaked out of Ha Long’s emerald water; the scene felt unreal. Photos and videos cannot compete with actually floating through Ha Long Bay’s seemingly endless islands.

Christopher and I were able to enjoy the water up close. We kayaked around a few of the islets as a cool clean breeze accompanied us.

We used the last bits of daylight to relax on shore.

And, when we got back on our boat,  our host threw a “Sunset Party.”

There wasn’t much of a sunset but there was plenty of red wine to go around.

As I said in the beginning, days 8-10 had the perfect amount of rejuvenating relaxation. We would soon learn that we would need as much energy as possible for the last week of our Asia trip.

Thank you Vietnam for allowing Christopher to strengthen his roots to you! And thank you for spoiling us with too much foods and places to name!

Up next: Seoul, Korea then Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto in Japan. Are you ready?

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Choi says:

    i loved hanoi and halong bay when i was there. question did u use a go pro to snap those photos? looks dam amazin! have a fun time in seoul / japan!

    1. Both places are incredibly beautiful!
      Most of the photos were taken with the Sony a7R. Anything shot by Chris@Empire was shot with either a Canon 6D or a GoPro Hero 5 🙂

      1. Choi says:

        haha u guys got all the gears to take great photos.. im only armed with an iphone..

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