TSP 3.0

– by Sam@Empire –

About a month ago when I was all the way in DC for my Rock’n Roll half marathon, Jr was in the middle of nowhere between LA and Vegas.

The Speed Project is a roughly 340 relay on foot, and there were no rules. Jr took on the TSP challenge along with 11 other members of his team from Mission I’m Possible.

For this blog I interviewed Sole Sis, Mia Bayuga, who like most of the crew, was running her way home to Vegas.

S: What were your initial thoughts of TSP? Why did you want to do such a LONG race?

M :I found out through Sammy Jo, coming from a non-runners, we were just a group of people that want to do everything together. TSP was one of those “Faith Yeses” and it happened to be the best thing ever!

S: How did you train for TSP?

M: Well I was only running once a week for Tuesday Night Runway, an MIP run/crosstraining workout, and as it got closer to the race I started running twice a week for 30 min. I got training advice from Jennay, who ran it last year, and she suggested twice a day, but that just wasn’t going to work with my schedule.

S: What was your favorite/ least favorite legs on the way to Vegas?
M: There was a time where it was the last day about 5 hours prior to the finish line at about 6k ft. I turned the hill and started screaming when I could see the Vegas strip!
My least favorite was the start, when I ran my first 6 miles. I had so much nerves, I was off track and running on adrenaline.

S: Going off of that was there ever a moment you lost faith in yourself during the race?
M: There were so many moments during those 6 miles I was like “why I am doing this?”  but it was really either I suck it up or pull through.
S: I saw that sam had these special cards to make you cry (…lol) tell me about that?
M: It’s in my car right now! I kept it!
“Are you doing what you believe in, or are you settling for what you are doing?”
When you’re out in the desert you have a lot of time to think and be real with yourself. It helps to decide which doors you need to closed and leave closed. To be honest (those cards) were a good move on Sam’s part because when else do we have the time to think and extract ourselves?

S: What was something you took out of TSP?
M: I think my biggest takeaway no matter how disruptive (TSP) may sound out of my capability, once you overcome that, this race was all a mental game.

S: Would you do it again?
M: Oh absolutely! I would love to do it with the same team but also have more people experience it as well. Its so intimidating to join this type of runners like the Coaches and Neal running 4/min miles but I think just knowing that it’s not closed off to the general public, (TSP) is possible for anyone.



Photos by Third Eye Photography
For more photos check out the MIP X TSP 3.0 gallery here

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