Coach-hella with Giann

– by ChiChai@Empire –

For the last-minute outfit-planners for Coachella’s second weekend, our model Giann and I worked together in giving you outfit-spiration. I gathered up the Rise Up hoodie and revamped a couple of our older items with festival vibes. Giann then whipped up her styling magic to create three– as we joked– Coach-hella looks.

Products and outfits ready to go… but, how the f were we going to shoot a desert type of photoshoot in the gray and rainy Bay Area? Luckily for us, Giann happened to know about a cactus garden in Walnut Creek!  The Ruth Bancroft Garden is home to a wide-range of cacti, thus giving us the dry yet beautiful scenery we needed.  You can learn about this garden gem here.

Enjoy our Coach-hella photo-shoot! May it fulfill your music-festival needs and inspire you to upcycle and experiment with your own style!

2XL ‘Welcome To’ Tee

I wanted to transform a bulky tee into a loose and flowing top perfect for that desert-Coachella air. To do so, I took on a 2XL of our Welcome To tee. I slightly trimmed the sides– removing the sleeves– and straightly sewed the sides back up to keep the tee’s wide boxiness. Lastly, I chopped off the bottom hem then sliced up fringes all around.

Giann contrasted the light-colored design with  black denim and boots, thus allowing the shirt to pop out more. And, to top it off, Giann adorned this look with a layering necklace that fit right above the graphic.

XL ‘Eagle Strength’ Tank and Bloom Choker

We wanted at least one of the looks to feature a crop top. Since the ‘Welcome to’ tee and ‘Rise Up’ hoodie are on the looser side, I created a fitted crop top. I slimmed down an XL ‘ Eagle Strength and followed this tutorial to make it a tied tank. Giann chose one of our denim chokers with plenty of  strands to add more flavor since the tank has a low neckline. Also, to avoid having a Daisy Duke look of tight denim shorts and a tight top, Giann further accessorized with a faux fur shawl (because, as the fashionista said, fur’s a thing now lo) and a necklace-like belt.

“Rise Up” Hoodie and Bloom Choker

Giann styled and modeled our “Rise Up” hoodie in our spring lookbook to suit an urban setting. She switched it up with “music festival essentials:” a wide-brimmed hat and a sleek fanny-pack (aye– fanny-packs stepped their game up!) Suddenly, the hoodie goes from a walking-the-Bay-Area-streets essential to a desert need.

What type of look should we play with next?

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