The Perfect Red

by anngail@empire

To commemorate International Womyn’s Day, I thought it would be perfect to reflect on how powerful and bold a red lipstick can be. Womyn across the globe wore red yesterday in solidarity and support of our community. Although it is just a simple pop of color, red displays confidence and that alone speaks volumes. Below are some of our team’s favorite red lipstick looks! It’s beautiful to see how different each shade of red is on every complexion and every smile. Check it out!

Two important steps before applying your favorite red lip products
1. Exfoliate! My favorite lip scrub is LUSH Cosmetic’s Lip Scrub in Mint Julips. A little goes a long way, it’s all natural and is so sweet! This helps remove any dry skin and create a smooth canvas for your product.
2. Moisturize&Prime! I’m a sucker for good ol’ Carmex. However, if i’m feeling fancy and want to make sure my lipstick doesn’t budge, I use MAC Cosmetic’s Prep + Prime Lip.


IMG_1524Anngail@empire. Pixi Beauty, Mattelustre Lipstick Plum Berry and Raspberry Blush

img_1519Aiko@empire. Colourpop, Avenue Ultra Matte liquid lip

Chichai@empire. Urban Decay, Wrath lipstick

Jelyn@empire. MAC Burgundy, lip liner + Sin lipstick

Mia@empire. Revlon, Really Red

Rizzabel@empire. Ofra Cosmetics, Mina

Sam@empire. Bite, Gazpacho

What’s your favorite red lipstick? Let me know in the comments below and please share more ideas on what you’d like to see me share on this blog!

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