March of Womyn Playlist

by, Mia@Empire

“Since we all came from a women, got our name from a women, and our game from a women. I wonder why we take from women, why we rape our women, do we hate our women? I think its time we killed for our women, be real to our women, try to heal our women, cus if we dont we’ll have a race of babies that will hate the ladies, who make the babies. And since a man can’t make one he has no right to tell a women when and where to create one”

-Tupac Shakur

Happy March everyone! This month we are celebrating our strong, sensual womyn for Womyn’s History Month. What better way than with a playlist of all womyn?!

It has gotten a little more difficult making the playlists as full as I would like them to be because I know many of our listeners are using the free version of Soundcloud, but I have managed to put together some of my favorite songs by very very talented womyn.

Of course, there are a ton of other womyn artists out there with great music, but this is merely a small percent of the talent that is out there. Celebrating womyn is important to me and to the Empire team because we were founded by one super cool womyn, ChiChai @Empire 🙂

All this month, I would love to know some of your favorite womyn singers, songwriters, rappers, DJs etc. Share them with me on Twitter with the hashtag #MarchOfWomyn and let’s acknowledge them this month.

For now, enjoy the playlist and share with your favorite womyn ❤

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