Introduction to Spring 2017: Rise Up

– by ChiChai@Empire –

After months of sewing, dyeing, and crafting, we are thrilled to finally share this collection with you! Jelyn@Empire, Sam@Empire, and myself climbed out of our screen-printing comfort zone to create Rise Up, Empire in the Air’s Spring 2017 collection.

Our new Rise Up hoodies and Rise beanies have the Empire personal touch. We designed the embroidery and patches and then splashed more adornments.


Repurposing  served as an integral part of this collection as well. Not only did the three of us dig through thrift stores in the Bay Area to carefully select garments, we also brought back archival material.

The idea behind this collection is using what you got to Rise Up! By building upon the old, we created something new.


Our world’s facing all sorts of turmoil and we need revolutionaries to  shed some light. Whether you’re out shutting down microagressions in everyday-conversation, using art to represent your intersectional feminism, braving the pushback against your humanitarian protests, or more– this collection is made for you. You got what it takes to build upon the hero in you to be the revolutionary the world needs today.

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