Art of Us: Melvin Sings

Next up on our Art of Us performer spotlight is the vocalist and musician Melvin Gutierrez aka Melvin Sings!


Melvin Gutierrez, also known as Melvin Sings! is a 29 year old musician from San Francisco, Ca. His love for music was brought to people’s attention with the help of his best friend Jeremy “Passion” Manongdo and Their rendition of Cater 2 U by Destiny’s Child quickly became a staple in the Asian American online community.
He has ventured out with his love for soul and r&b and fused that with his love for music from Hawaii. He has toured the U.S and overseas to beautiful places including Sydney, Australia. Melvin wants to share his love for music and give his listeners a unique experience that will forever be heartfelt and memorable.
You can listen to some of his music here:

Art of Us is almost one week away! Don’t miss out on our amazing performer such as Melvin Sings! Buy your tickets here


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