Feel Good Love

by Mia@Empire

Happy February! 2017 is already flying by, but that means a new playlist for you all 🙂 Since Valentine’s Day happens this month, a playlist of love songs seemed fitting.

but wait–

It is not exactly what you think. Sure there are some love songs on it, but you do not have to have a boo, it’s coo. This is also for loving yourself. February is about loving yourself. I wanted this playlist to be more than just sappy love songs. It is called the Feel Good Love playlist for a reason.

These are some of my favorites, remixes and new tunes. When you listen to it I hope you groove, sing, and loveeee. I also wish for you to become closer to your dreams this month whether it be excelling in your empire, finding your empire, or being more content with being you ❤

Without further adieu, I present Feel Good Love~

Like, repost, and share the playlist 🙂 Also, peep other playlists on our Soundcloud.

The cover art is of our very own ChiChai@Empire and Chris@Empire :B

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