Month Recap – January 17

– by ChiChai@Empire –

Through the tough times of our nation, the Empire Team and I are trying our best to continue spreading positivity and helping others build their Empires.


With that mission in mind, we relaunched our website and added more narrative voices. Our website will now include blog series featuring various types of #MyEmpireIntheAir.

The new blog series so far include:

The blog will continue featuring our good ol’ posts like Mia@Empire’s monthly music playlists and the occasional updates/announcements.

Super duper important announcements that we made this year so far is 1) our “COllaborative” event with the dance group The Company called Art of Us!  We are hosting Art of Us as a fundraiser for a Philippine immersion trip in which three Company choreographers (Melissa Batesting, Jolo Cabrera, and KJ Estudillo) will host a dance summit for the Project PEARLS children. Purchase your tickets here!


Learn more by watching this video:


2) We are whipping up lots of goods for our Spring 17 collection! Spring 17 will include cut-and-sew, upcycling, and — of course– our signature message of “You can build your Empire, too.”


Even more exciting news is coming your way this month! Our blog series will continue, Art of Us is coming to fruition and we are dropping the next collection! We’re trying to shed some light into 2017 and we want to thank you for being part of our journey.

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