Art of Us: AstraLogik

The setlist of Art of Us is finally here! Not only are our featured choreographers dancing– Melissa Batesting, Jolo Cabrera, and KJ Estudillo— we have a list of even more entertainers for you!


First on the list is AstraLogik, a duo known for their earthly touches to music. The duo consists of Charito (Lead Vocals/ MPC/Midi Keys), Rowenalyn “FunkCH3N” Conlu (Lead Guitarist/ Bassist/ Midi Keys/ Backup Vocals), and their deep love for each other “romantically and creatively.”

For Charito and Rowenalyn…

Whether it’s reggae, soul, world, electronic or r&b, their is music filled with the intention of healing, awareness, and equality.

Take a peek to what they’re bring to Art of Us by checking out their latest music video to their single “Here and Now”

“Here and Now” is found on the Dream Awake EP.  Download the “Dream Awake EP” for free here:…

Follow AstraLogik in Spotify and listen to “Dream Awake EP”:…

Don’t miss out on AstraLogik and the other talented performers for Art of Us! Purchase your tickets here!

Other places to find Astralogik:










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