2016 Throwback: Growth

– by ChiChai@Empire – 

The Empire Team and I joke around that our most successful event was one that didn’t exist. This event had a couple hundred attendees, a dozen artists and performers, and good vibes from doors open to close.

But the thing is, that event did exist. It was our art show Growth

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Why do we joke that it didn’t exist? Well, it also happened to be the one event we did not have a designated photographer. We left merely with memories and insufficient #iPhoneOnly photos.

Luckily for us, one of our supporters graced us with his video skills and created a recap! The video encapsulates the energy of the artists, their art, and all of those who attended. Thank you Miguel Nuestro!

We consider Growth our most successful event for its strong sense of community. Because we invited artists and performers from different parts of the Bay Area, the attendees came from various Bay Area cities as well. No matter where they travelled from, everyone gathered for art that represented the love for our home. The artists, performers, and even Empire in the Air itself gained new supporters that night.

In less than a month from today, we are hosting our first event of the year: Art of Us! The featured artists and performers will be Bay Area locals once again. What differs between Art of Us and Growth is that our mission is international! In collaboration with the dance group The Company, we are bringing three choreographers to the Philippines to create a dance summit for the children of Project PEARLS.

Save the date February 25, 2017 in your calendars and purchase your tickets here.


And don’t forget to invite your friends after you click “Going” on our FB event page 😉


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