Ray’s Backyard Series #1


-by Raymond@Empire-

The world is my backyard and I will capture its beauty!

Finally graduating from college and entering a new year, there are so many things I want to do now with my free time other than working. One of those things is taking more pictures and just traveling hence the quote, “the world is my backyard.”

Whether it is the morning sun rays hitting the wet grass of my actual backyard or the northern lights of the Arctic regions, I want to continue to take photos and capturing my everyday life and travels.

Now for my first adventure!


My best friend and fellow Empire team member, Ann Dela Cruz, recently moved from the Bay to Southern California to pursue her opportunities. Because of this move, our other best friend Charlene and I have always been trying to find time and money to visit her. Lucky for us, flights were cheap and we flew down just this past weekend for a weekend-reunion in her new home.

Leaving Saturday, we were almost late for our check-in (they even called our names on the overhead speakers ahaha), but we were able to get on the plane before take-off.

The whole weekend was filled with eating, site seeing, eating, beer tasting, eating, board games, and driving through SoCal traffic…. Did I also mention that we ate a lot as well? ahaha.

On the third day we also visited a beach where I took most of my pictures including a cameo, sneak-peak of what Empire has in store for the upcoming collection.

To make a long-story short, it was a great weekend spent with great company and food.



P.S. – Here is a mini-montage video of my weekend!!

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