– by Sam@Empire –

“If you have a body, you’re an athlete…” – Bill Bowerman

New year, new fitness goals? I think the majority of our world can agree to that. How many of you are still going strong on new year’s resolutions two weeks in? This is Sam@empire introducing to you my world of RUNderlust.


Three years ago I said I wanted to run a half marathon, and I did it. What I didn’t know was that it would bring me so many new friendships, runcations, and new goals just for moving my two feet back and fourth. Fast-forward to now, I’m a few medals in and I’m excited to be training for my next race, the Rock’n Roll DC Half Marathon (so far for 2017).


I never thought I would find a passion for running and be so excited for track workouts when I used to be terrified. I’ve progressed as a runner and I hope to inspire others that want to start! Not only do I believe in running but  I truly believe that dressing the part has an effect on your workout.


Where will my feet take me next?

IG: smankeyy.empire

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