Art of Us – Meet the Choreographers

– by Aiko@Empire –

“Negativity is the Enemy of creativity.” I disagree..

We all have rough days. Bad day at work, stressed about school, disagreements with friends, family, etc. You name it. Negativity is our enemy and it brings out the best of us. It is our choice to release that bad energy and turn it into a positive view.  We tend to lean on our outlets. Dance, music, drawing, etc… Art is the common outlet. We are fortunate enough to have sources to support our outlets.

Many unfortunate families, particularly in the Philippines, do not have the guidance or sources to find their own outlets. Empire In the Air and Project Pearls want to shed a positive path to those in need. We asked three choreographers, KJ, Mel, Jolo  from The Company to join this mission.

The Company is a Bay Area Hip- Hop dance team. This talented family has provided a place for other individuals to train and progress in the craft of dance. They inspire not only the Bay Area community but people around the world. This is an exciting opportunity for them because this is the first time they will be experiencing a dance mission trip in the Philippines.

Together, with The Company and Project PEARLS, we created Art of Us.

Our efforts to this path can’t take effect unless we have full support in our community.

So we invite you to:

Art of Us: a fundraiser showcase for a Philippine dance immersion trip dedicated to the children of Project PEARLS.


When: Feburary. 25, 2017

Where: The Lab SF

Pre-Sales: $20; Door price: $25
Purchase your tickets here!
And check “Going” on Facebook!

Empire In the Air and The Company are honored and excited for this opportunity..

Support our journey!

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  1. Elen says:

    How can others donate without going to the fundraiser?

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