Take Back the Empire: Meet DJ Bazé

Next Saturday (12/10), we are hosting our last event of 2016 — Take Back the Empire at BRIX 581. With the heat of the election, we wanted to have an event for everyone to feel empowered, included and united.

The night will include music, drinks, performances, art, dancing, and more. We welcome everyone 21+ to join us. Music will be provided by DJ Bazé. DJ Bazé or Dean Orbasé is a SF State senior who has been DJing on his own for a little over a year. He has his own radio show called Wavy Wednesday where he spins hidden gems in RnB, Hip Hop and more. He is a part time radio host and in house DJ at Bottoms Up and The North Face on Post Street. We are excited to have him and cannot wait for him to get you all dancing.

Listen to the most recent episode of Wavy Wednesday below:

Follow Wavy Wednesday on Instagram here
Listen to past Wavy Wednesday shows here

More details for Take Back the Empire here.
$5 entry or free admission if you wear Empire apparel

Tune in every Wednesday 7-8pm on KSFSmedia.net/radio for Wavy Wednesday with DJ Bazé.


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