Last week, the Empire dance team came back once again to participate in my fraternity’s annual dance competition.

This year, Delta Sigma Phi of San Jose State University partnered with Culture Shock Oakland in hosting it’s fifth annual philanthropy, Spartan’s Best Dance Crew or SBDC, and it was my idea to come back, participate and make a team.

Asking all my friends a month prior to the competition, it was honestly really hard trying to figure out practice times and what not due to everyone’s busy schedule with school, work and extra-curricular activities. In the end it was, myself, Jacob Pingue, AJ Paquia, Aiko Tanzawa, Audrey Reyes, Dominique Guevara, Patrick Solis, Charlene Estolas, and Jonathan Bastida who were down for the cause.


Eventually we were all only able to meet six times before the actual competition and it was one of the best and most fun performances I have ever performed, and I owe it all to 10 of us who stuck it through, despite the few practices we had.

You can watch our performance below!

– Ray@Empire

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