Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!

To commemorate #IndigenousPeoplesDay (aka #fuckColumbus aka #boocolonialsuperiorcomplex), here is an excerpt from ChiChai@Empire’s previous post featuring her day spent with an Aeta community in Botolan.

The Aetas are considered to be one of the first people of the Philippines. Being warmly welcomed by such a culturally rich group that worked hard in maintaining its traditions was an honor.


The Aeta community in Botolan were displaced from Mount Pinatubo’s volcanic eruption in the 90’s. Rising from destruction, they built anew and continue fighting for cultural preservation.

Unfortunately, outside communities discriminated them because of their differences. Through art and education, @projectpearls goes works with their leaders in assuring the Aetas continue thriving.

To read more, click here

May we all work together in ridding ourselves of discrimination and in recognizing the rights that indigenous populations all over the world are denied.

Happy #IndigenousPeoplesDay!

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