World Of Dance Bay Area Recap

One of the biggest touring dance competitions in the world, World of Dance (WOD) came to the Bay Area, and we got the opportunity to table at it!

It may not sound that exciting, but for me, it was one of my favorite vendor-ing events that Empire was able to do!

World of Dance Bay Area has always been hosted in Vallejo, Ca. (aye 707, say it backwards ahaha) my hometown, but I have never gone to it until this year.


So anyway, the team was hosting a 5k event early in the morning that same day (which you can read about it here) and most of the team unfortunately couldn’t make it to WOD. Francesca, Chris, Kevin and I were able to and so we raced against time from Berkeley to Vallejo to finish setting up everything before the doors officially opened.

Once we got there, we put up our merchandise, which also include a soft-release of our newest collection, which you will all get to see soon enough!

Throughout the day dancers from different teams, guests, and other vendors stopped by and checked out what we had to offer. What I really like about tabling with Empire is the fact that old friends always come by our table to check us out but to also say hi, as well as meeting new friends and telling them about our brand and seeing how much they appreciate our cause.

The sun’s rays also came to our table and wouldn’t leave!! But for real it was really hot and we were dying ahaha.

Here and there, Kevin and I were able to also watch the competition and cheer on our friends who were also competing. But what was super spontaneous was when we signed up to participate in the all-styles freestyle battle.


We both went in with no expectations of advancing to the next round. Honestly, it was both nerve-racking and fun at the same time.

There was so much going on during that day, and we were all fighting the exhaustion of a super packed and eventful day, but it really had to be one of the best vending events we have ever had, or at least to me it was.

We also beat the sales we made from all our other vending events, so that was an extra plus!

I honestly looking forward to the next dance event we get to vendor at. VIBE, I have my eyes on you!!

And big Thank You to all the guest who stopped by our table and checked us out!


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