Travel Tuesday: Kauai


During Labor Day weekend, John and I had the pleasure of joining our running friends in Hawaii for the Kauai Marathon. It was successfully set up by Sam Louie, who was going to be running his 100th Marathon!! It had been two years since we had gone to the islands so we were very excited to be apart of this trip.

Other than the Foodland poke deli, one of our first sights to see was Wailua Falls. With a 173ft drop, it was said that back in ancient times men used to jump the falls to prove their manhood. I’m sure some do to this day.

Sneaking past restricted access, we found our way down to the bottom of the falls and had it all to ourselves. Highly recommended hike (safety at your own risk).

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Family of pigs fed daily by a local at the Wailua falls lookout. 

On Sunday 6am, Kauai Roads closed for the thousands of runners that were making their way around Poipu. I already knew that this wasn’t going to be my best race, and PRing was not a concern. The whole time as I strolled mile after mile I thought to myself “damn, these trees make me think of Cheech (hehe).” I’m sure she would have appreciated the running views too.

I forgot to mention that during our trip Hurricane Madeline and Hurricane Lester were passing by, so we were experiencing bipolar weather. Fortunately on most days, especially race day, was super hot and humid.

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Tunnel of Trees at Mile 6 

At mile 11, full marathoners had to take a different route for their last 13 miles while we had 2 more to go. when we completed the race our entourage regrouped as we waited for Sam to get to the finish line. We managed to figure out where he was via fb posts every mile. We even had time to make some signs.

Photo by Sam Louie

Isn’t this the best thing to see at the finish line? I’m holding POG (passion, orange, guava) juice by the way. He was obsessed and probably so happy to see his favorite drink waiting for him. This race justified that I will probably never want to run a half in Hawaii or humid climates again. For now at least. It was a beautiful route but I couldn’t hang with the humidity.

On our last day in Kauai, we caravanned to Waimea Canyon on the western side of the island and it was breathtaking.

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I couldn’t get enough of staring so deep into the canyon, and if you peep close enough to the left you could see a different set of falls, and yes, I was eating poke (from Ishimura Market) as we were sight seeing. I still haven’t cleaned the well known red dirt off my shoes since we got home… woops

After our gourmet lunch at the local L&L (lol) we made a trip back to Poipu to Loco Coco having seen our friends just visited that location. What’s a Hawaii trip without shaved ice anyway?

At Loco Coco you can order your shaved ice in a coconut and afterwards they’ll cut the meat inside so you can enjoy it after you’ve finished your delicious dessert.

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 The weekend in Kauai felt short but was the perfect little RUNcation we needed. Where will we travel to next?

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