SCHEME Art Show – Mariella Angela

Before going on my trip to LA, I saw one of my favorite artists post up an event happening one of the days I would be in LA. Immediately, I reserved a spot for me and Dean.

On Saturday, August 13  Mariella Angela was hosting an art show at the Think Tank Gallery .

(If you do not know who Mariella Angela is, follow her right now!)

“Mariella Angela is a 22 year old oil painter based in Los Angeles, California. Being self taught, she began oil painting as a hobby in 2013, eventually began to pursue it as a career and is now known for her stylized brushstrokes as well as her colorful but lifelike portraitures of hip hop moguls, R&B innovators and people who influence her lifestyle.”

The walls of the gallery were covered in her oil paintings– from efeasible E-40 to Kehlani to Kendrick Lamar to Erykah Badu. The young Filipina womyn was painting all my favorite music artists (maybe yours too).

I have been following Mariella since about 2014 on Tumblr. She has been growing and growing ever since. She has mad talent and her family was by her side the entire time.

At the event her family was everywhere either working the merch table (which is where her mom was at), the bar, and just kinda hangin’ out enjoying the vibes. At the merch table I bought a couple of stickers and 1/200 SCHEME gallery booklets (which she signed :D)

Soon after I bought the booklet, Mariella came up to me and we chatted a bit. I told her about how I had been following her for some time, admired her work and asked her for a photo. It was great. She told me and Dean about how someone went up to her when she was walking around and said “The artist is really good!”. She chuckled and nodded saying “Yeah, she’s pretty good”. I laughed thinking that about how she honestly blended in with everyone. If you did not know who she was, you probably would not know who she was.

After our chat and quick photoshoot, she ended up giving us VIP passes to go to the back. She said to just tell people we are family 😉 In VIP there was food and water. Her dad made a huge pot of arroz caldo (a Filipino comfort food similar to porridge) and it was sOoOoooO good.

We drank free beers and enjoyed everything about the event. We left the event with huge smiles on our faces. As a creative Filipino womyn, I left inspired and warm hearted knowing that this other Filipino womyn is hella following her empire and making it. I always think it can be difficult to be those three things– Filipino, a womyn and an artist. But there is Mariella Angela inspiring artists all over the world, one painting at a time. So proud of you babygirl! Thank you for everything.



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  1. cath says:

    amazing talent!

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