FAME 2016 Recap

FAME– Fashion, Art, Music, and Entertainment– gathered Bay Area artisans once again to San Jose for a night to showcase their craft. This year was our 3rd year and it did not disappoint. Empire was one of 70 booths! From live art, to a DJ battle to the fashion show, and yummy food there was nothing but good vibes and creative souls.

Our beautiful booth used the same set up as last year but with hella more lights. You  would not miss it in the dark. Shoutout to Chris, Sam, Raymond and Joey for setting up the booth and the lights!


Look at the head honcho of the night, Chris@Empire!

All night we saw a lot of new and familiar faces. We can never say it enough, but thank you to everyone who shared their empires with us. Our chalk board had over 100 empires written from screenwriting to music. One of our favorites was “potatoes” :B We believe everyone has their own empire and if its potatoes, so be it!



Unfortunately, ChiChai@Empire was not able to be with us, but she sure was in spirit 🙂 Aiko, Raymond, Kevin, Ann, Chris and myself held it down for the team that night passing out stickers, talking to people and selling merch. Our fuel source: tacos, burritos, and brew.


As always, it is a work of collaboration. Team work makes the dream work! Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth and shared their empire. Also, biggest of thank yous to Bobbie Vie for the opportunity to vendor again. Shoutout to all the friends we made that night and we hope to see you all next year!

Peep the recap video Raymond made below! It does not fall short of hella good.


Be on the lookout for what is to come this fall/winter. We got lots coming for you all 😉


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