Roaming Bangkok

Other than temple tours and palaces, my mom and I had time to explore Bangkok for the booming city it is. Without the hundreds of years old architecture and design, the newer and younger side to the city still has the signature colorfulness.


Here’s Bangkok’s Chinatown, the city’s proof of its strong ties to China.


Did you know that Thai-Chinese makes up nearly 15% of the population in Thailand?DSC02015


I thought the Bay Bridge was a beautiful bridge! Okay, it is a beautiful bridge with a sleek design but Thailand’s bridges are big competitors, aesthetically speaking.

Rama IX Bridge


Rama VIII Bridge


The Central Embassy  happened to be exhibiting a gallery by renowned artist KAWS! I was hella jealous of my cousins in NYC that got to see his large statues in Brooklyn so I was pretty happy (and geekin’ out) that I finally got to see one of his mammoth-sized art pieces in person.

DSC02766 DSC02770

Bangkok, as different tour guides told my mom and I, is the most Westernized city of Thailand. It is undeniable with its Western brands populating its malls. However, Thai culture still strongly prevails as it syncretizes itself into these traces of the outside world.

Example A

Example B


One of the things that surprised me during our stay was the amount of motorcycles. With the amount of traffic in the city, can you blame them for wanting to weave through?


I didn’t take as much food photos as I would have liked. With only three days to explore, I was too hungry to do so. I am happy, however, that this straight-from-the-street meal is the one foodie experience I savored.

I suppose I’ll just have to go back to Bangkok to take more food photos then…


Hope to see you again, Land of Smiles.


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