NRC Eugene Lane 8

Nike offers a free run club in major cities with their stores and during big events like the Trials, hold more elivated runs. Luckily, Jr and I knew exactly where to be tonight. 

This company loves to connect their bit of heritage with the consumers any chance they get so people understand how products are continuously rooted in developing athlete performance after all these years. Last night, NRC Eugene gave us an opportunity of a lifetime. 

To start, Nike Head Coach, Coach Bennett giving us a little intro before our Epic Workout. If you need some inspiration, I highly recommend following him on Instagram @coachbennett.

It wasn’t much of a surprise that they were taking us to Hayward Field,  however, I still had butterflies in my stomach because the Nike team always has something up their sleeves. 

Why Lane 8? When Bill Bowerman was still developing the waffle sole shoes, he would grab athletes out of the 8th lane of the track to put his new prototypes on and test them out. It was our turn to be those athletes tonight.

They brought out the current Lane 8 Specialist to share with us the Allyson Felix spike she will be using in the 2016 Rio Olympics, and the consumer version, Zoom All Out (a.k.a “ZAOs”) Flyknit.

This is the “can we run already?” face, enough lectures! 

And then the real action started…

At Hayward Field, they have this tradition of clapping in a rhythmic paced pattern as the runners cross the straight-aways..

Coaches got to share that once in a lifetime victory lap… 

…Suprise number 2, Nike Athletes, Collen Quigley and Courtney Frerichs who made second and third in the Women’s Steeple!! Who doesn’t want a second victory lap? 

Time to get on the Track!! 

Quick 7 minute run warm up and staring into each other’s souls while stretching to make things awkward. All fun and for better form, according to Coach. 

The workout consisted of 400s and 200s and was inspired by Allyson Felix. If you’re curious: 

400m x 3 10k pace

200m x 3 10k pace

400m x 2 5k pace

200m x 5k pace

400 m mile pace

200m x 2 best pace

“Bill Bowerman is watching you!!”-Coach Bennett

…indeed he was…

*side note* today we saw Phil Knight after Trials today and he gave this statue a little visit and a handshake before going upstairs to the suites. It was the most magical moment I could have ever witnessed beyond anything that was happening during trials today. 

But back to last night…

…did I mention how wet it was? Yea, pretty epic. 

What I love about NRC and Nike is that they emphasize that anyone can be an athlete. We always support our fastest groups to our sexist paced groups through the line. 

After the workout, they sent us back to the bleachers, for of course, suprise #3…

We weren’t going home empty handed…

What better way to take a piece of The Olympics home. Thank you Nike for the  experience of a lifetime and the ZAOs!!! I also got to change out of my wet shoes!

Can’t wait for the next NRC!!

Photos courtesy of Nike Run Club Eugene

Photographers: @fredgoris & @jordan.beckett

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