California Sceneries pt. II: Dixon’s Sunflowers

To continue my appreciation for U.S. landscapes, I bring to you a blog post full of sun-ray chasing flowers.

DSC02773When we were little, my cousin told me I’m golden like a sunflower. Sunflowers have been my favorite ever since.
On Saturday, as part of my last weekend in the states, Christopher took me on a surprise trip to see these beauties in their element 🌻

It felt like le coup de foudre

Photo c/o Chris@Empire
Photo c/o Chris@Empire

As if these golden beauties weren’t beautiful enough, imagine how much they glowed when the sun beamed on them as it made its way down the horizon.

Here are a few tips for visiting a sunflower field

  • sunflower fields are plentiful among Dixon, California farms; we simply parked next to one and began our adventure;
  • a farm = someone’s livelihood = respect it!
  • wear pants and boots (it’s super dusty)
  • go during sunset! Let that golden hour illuminate these golden beauties even more!

Hope you’re all enjoying your summer!

Where to next?


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