California Sceneries pt. I: Mount Tamalpais

What I love about living in the U.S. is being able to enjoy all sorts of landscape. Thus! To celebrate the U.S. Independence Day, I’ll be sharing a couple of sceneries that Christopher and I got to enjoy this weekend. Our first destination was high above the clouds.



Christopher and I headed to Marin County with the intentions of having a beach day but… Just our luck. It was cold, foggy, and windy. In other words, not beach weather.

Rather than moping and freezing aside the shore, we decided to journey upwards to Marin County’s Mount Tamalpais State Park.

This 2,500 ft tall mountain range elevated us above the beach’s murky state and into a golden atmosphere.


We literally were above the clouds.

In this photo, you can peek at the beach way down below. DSC02618

Even our dog Taylor enjoyed the view


which became even more beautiful as the sun began its journey below the horizon.



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