Dranks and Draws

What I love about Oakland is the sense of pride and support for the community, especially through art. The event Dranks and Draws Sketch Night celebrates that. In collaboration with the Bay Area creatives Massive, Team Terrible, Dreamers Rule Clothing, Haus of Godspeed, 1AM SF, and Oakland Music FestivalDranks and Draws invited local artists to gather for a night of… dranks and draws.

DSC01793 DSC01795

Dranks and Draws brought the beautiful Raven Hera to be the artists’ muse for the evening

(B T Dubs. I must forewarn you that I nor Sam adjusted the camera settings. Blurriness about to pull through!)


Here are my quick sketches from the night:

For those who would prefer to dabble in still life, representatives from the event coordinators curated their own still life arrangements.



DCIM100GOPROGOPR1236.Again, here are some of my attempts:

The night– probably thanks to the Dranks half of the event– included goofing around as well. Thank you Sam@Empire for joining me for the dranks while I draws (lol)


and Bryant of Haus of Godspeed for always being a host with the most. (Photo c/o Dora Tsui)

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 9.36.22 PM

Can’t wait for more draws and dranks with these fellow Oakland community-loving creatives

– ChiChai@Empire


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