The Last Bits of Our LA Trip ft. Donuts, the Getty, and More!

Other than the theme-park galore, what good is a trip to Southern California without tummy-exploration and wonder-and-awe art moments?

One must-Instagram foodie destination we reached (with my LA-living cousin Leanne and friend Jeff) was California Donuts, a bakery famous for its vibrant donut decor and unique flavors.

After waiting in a line that wrapped a corner of its store, which enflamed our donut-hype even more, we ordered eight hella big donuts!


Worth it. I would re-do all of them… Maybe not at the same time again, but, I would most definitely be down to order any of these guys again: strawberry, Samoa, blueberry Cinnamon Toast Crunch, maple bacon, Oreo panda, matcha, Snickers, and Fruity Pebbles.


Oh! And, it should be noted to my fellow Bay Area natives, we did make time for the Warriors’ game 7 against OKC. The blurriness of this photo can reflect my excitement (as well as how we celebrated.)


Christopher and I spent a bit of our last day at the Getty Museum. Not sure if I’ve mentioned it before but this is one of my favorite places in the whole world. Okay, I have a lot of favorite places throughout the world. This has to be in my top five in California at least.

The architecture alone is gorgeous.

And the garden? Breath-taking.


Poor Christopher… trying to catch up with me as I ran around the Getty’s garden like a little kid in Disneyland.

Can you blame me? Look at this place!


Back to the foodies…

There are two places I wish I took more photos of but could not because of hunger and anticipation: Kazu Nori and Sugarfish. Kazu Nori serves only hand rolls whereas Sugarfish serves nigiri. Both, created by Chef Kazunori Nozawa, serve mouth-watering Japanese dishes that cause their eaters to close their eyes while savoring each bite.

We ate at Kazu Nori before California Donuts and, because we loved it so much, my cousin Leanne assured our last dinner in LA be at Sugarfish. Great call.

I know this photo’s simplicity does not reflect much but take my word for it. You’ll be so enchanted by the ambiance and the Japanese delicacies, you’ll forget to IG the dishes too.

Speaking of great calls by Leanne. Along with making sure our last dinner was amazing, she also made sure our last meal was complete with scrumptious dessert by taking us to KC’s crepes cafe.

KC’s crepes cafe is a type of cafe I would do homework at; it has great lighting, variety of food and drinks (INCLUDING BOBA!!!) available, and it’s cozy.

Also, now I’m convinced to always put cornflakes in my crepes.

Thank you to Jeff and Leanne for hanging out with Christopher and I on our last days. And! Thank you to LA for never failing in entertaining us with a wide variety of adventures– from our eyes to tummies to hiking feet.

Where to next?


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