Wizarding World and Donuts

I’m among the many of adults who are still waiting for an owl to drop off my Hogwarts acceptance letter. Thus, with our trip to LA, visiting the newly opened Wizarding World of Harry Potter was a must.

Universal Studios, like any other theme park, consists of crowds and selfie sticks and more crowds. But! JK Rowling’s universe shined through as visitors of all ages dressed themselves in Hogwarts robes and flicked their wrists with wands at hand. 
 The food and butterbeer enlivened the magic as it stayed true to the books’ delicacies 

And, yes. That is Howarts in the background as I slurp on butterbeer. And, to confirm again, this is real life.  You know how the moment Harry chose his wand at Ollivander’s (or rather, a wand chose him) lights flickered, a mysterious hounded, and we knew epic things would come out that wand? The park reenacts that moment in its own Ollivander’s shop.   Other than Hogsmeade shops and eateries, the Wizarding World consists of two rides: one in Hogwarts itself and one small roller coaster. Both are great and have long lines of anticipating Potter fans but… In all honesty, I don’t think the magic of the shops and these two rides are enough to bring me back. We had our fun but maybe our imaginations from Rowling’s powerful narrative gave us too high of expectations that Muggles cannot achieve? I don’t know. I do recommend that if you’re a Potter fan to go at least once but, after that, I think cozying with Sorcerer’s Stone with a Weasley-like knit sweater would suffice for your Potter needs. 
– ChiChai@Empire

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