Sun and Moon in LA

Christopher and I spent our second day in Southern California all in Los Angeles itself.

To kick-off day two, we headed to the highly appraised booth in a downtown food market: Eggslut

The line of egg-hungry goers wrapped around the booth, creating an hour and a half wait! 

  The popular question in this line–which was saturated with first-timers like us– was, “Is the wait worth it?”

Let me tell you now. It is.

The concept seems so simple. Just egg sandwiches and breakfast sides. Yet, their simplicity of pairing fresh flavors in original ways– such as a poached egg over potatoes in a jar with chives– is what makes Eggslut, Eggslut. It’s the flavor of nostalgia with a twist.
To work off our Eggslutiness, Christopher and I made our way into the Santa Monica Mountains.

Hidden in these mountains is the Murphy Ranch Trails in which an abandoned Nazi-sympathizers camp stands. Creepy? F yes. But, the remnants of a hate group’s spirit no longer thrives. Thanks to taggers and artists.

 This hike certainly drained the eggy goodness of breakfast away. What came next?

More food of course! To keep the healthy hype alive for the day, I suggested we eat lunch at Urth Caffe. This yummy cafe serves hella veggie-heavy dishes that revive anyone’s energy. Hence, the perfect next stop.

  As you can see, we were so hungry, we couldn’t wait for a foodie photo in the beginning.
Oh, I should also mention that although Urth has all these healthy choices, it’s also a restaurant full of sweet temptations. As you can see from above, I indulged in a slushy milk tea and boba drink. And below… We split an Oreo cheesecake… 

With the amount of energy needed for our hike multiplied by the food coma level we reached, we KO’d until it was time to go Above and Beyond.

  Christopher and I have similar tastes in music–  especially when it comes to jazzy-influenced hip hop beats. But the biggest denominator is his love for electronic music. I. I just can’t. I could never dive into the whomping sounds of EDM with its heavy basses nor did I ever bother trying to discover electronic musicians I may actually like.

Until, that is, the electronic group Above and Beyond came out with an acoustic show a couple of years ago in which they took their original songs and transformed them for a symphony. Christopher would always replay the YouTube videos of their live orchestrated acoustic shows and I fell in love.

Years later, we were able to see them live at the Hollywood Bowl. (thank you Ate Angie for the tickets!!!!!)

I love you babyyyyyyyy. You are the sun and moon to meeeeee. I’ll never get over you. You’ll never get over meeeee.

And, to finally conclude this long LA-loving day, we munched at Koreatown (whenever we go to LA, we HAVE to get shabu)

And met up with my cousin Leanne and her friend Kyle for late night boba as well as the most intense game of Jenga I ever partook in 
Video of the Jenga match coming soon lol

All right. I’m going to conclude this blog post…although it’s kept me busy as I wait for the Hogwarts ride in Universal Studios. Stay tuned for Harry Potter goodness next!


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